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Carolyn Shattuck
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When Is Enough Enough?

Excess in Moderation is an expression of living life to the fullest while being aware of its risks. These words hang prominently at the Green Parrot bar in Key West. My life choices are not based on Fear but exploring unknown territories. I love patterning and design so I explored combining two different art forms: Art Nouveau and Japanese Origami. Each origami figure including the turtle, the butterflies, carp and the peacock signify the mystery, complexity and variation of life on earth. This approach exploded in my work as an origami carousel book. The interior spine is a collection of quotes describing approaches to living life in excess. Printed with origami paper and Red River paper. Slipcase is made with Lama Li paper. Excess in Moderation is 5.5" x 8.75", edition of 10, $500.

Carolyn Shattuck



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