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Jill Timm
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I Think that the Root of the Wind is Water

This Emily Dickinson poem speaks to the inherent interconnection of environmental elements. Today, as our planet experiences increasing climate instability, Dickinson's message is a relevant reminder to honor and protect our environment. My soft edged pop-up abstractions are meant to create a visual experience that compliments Dickinson's tone of reverence and wonder.
Designed and produced by Susan Lowdermilk in Eugene, Oregon in 2016. Pop-up elements pressure printed on a Vandercook No. 14 Proof Press on Vanguard Recycled Plus paper, 14 pt. Twentieth Century text, printed on a 1912 Chandler and Price letterpress by Kristin Walker at Twin Ravens Press in Eugene, Oregon. Size is 7.125" x 9.25", edition of 30, $600.
BookSusan Lowdermilk,



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